University of Oregon

Our Team

Our Behavioral Research and Teaching team is comprised of a cohesive and collaborative core of faculty, staff, and affiliate members. They are united in their dedication and focus to research and development in student learning and academic assessment yet varied and diverse in their individual interests and pursuits. 

30323597355_48460e66ec_k1Front Row (L-R): Huna Yim, Raina Megert
Row 2 (L-R): Marissa Pilger, Sevrina Tindal, Jerry Tindal, Daniel Anderson
Row 3 (L-R): Hailey Hinkle, Steffani Mast
Row 4 L-R: Julie Alonzo, Rob Robinson, Denise Swanson, Dan Farley, Joe Nese
Back Row L-R: Josh Kahn, Evan Townsend, Leilani Sáez, Shawn Irvin