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The left side of every page you will be working on contains supplemental tools and information designed to further help you understand the math content. These are the concept bank; the problem icon; the calculator; the facts, skills, and formula list; and a link to your email account. See the example.

1. The concept bank is a menu list which contains definitions of all the major concepts presented. Let's say you come across a concept in a lesson which you don't understand, maybe, ratio. You can select ratio by scrolling through the alphabetic list of the concept bank. You can move the scroll bar down, or click on the down arrow until you find ratio. Highlight ratio, and click on it. A new window pops up explaining ratio.

2. The problem icon, or image, reviews the problem you are currently working on. If you need to view the problem again, click on the problem image.

3. Clicking on the calculator image opens up your computer's calculator. You can use this if you need help computing the answer to a problem.

4. Your email account allows you to ask your teacher questions and access any messages you receive. Your teacher will provide you with your user name and password.

5. The facts, skills, and formula list is very much like the concept bank. It is a menu list supplementing information found in the lessons.

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