Back and Forward – Web Arrow

Steps to Follow

1. Look in the very upper right hand corner - you should see the letter "e" inside a spinning globe. This means that you are using the program Internet Explorer. If you accidently click in back of a screen, you will be sent to the local computer desktop. You need to then click on the "smiling face" next to the word "Finder" and with the mouse held down, scroll to "Internet Explorer" and let up on the mouse. Now you will be back on the internet with the history course.

2. Look in the upper left hand corner - you should see an arrow < next to "Back" and an arrow > next to "Forward"

3. Each time you click on one of the arrows you will go back to a page you have been before or forward to a page in the sequence. Each click makes a one-page movement



1. Go back to the first page

2. Go through the sequence backwards – steps 3, 2, and finally 1.

3. Now click on the back arrow 3 times and then on the forward arrow 3 times.

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