Scrolling through a page

Steps to Follow

On the right of each page is a gray bar that has an arrow up at the top (A) and an arrow down at the bottom (V). The A arrow moves the screen up and the V arrow moves the screen down. If no gray bar appears, then you don't need to scroll - the whole page is showing.

1. When you click on the arrow, it will move in that direction 1-2 lines per click

2. When you click below or above the box inside that bar, it will move a page per click

3. When you click on the box and hold the mouse down at the same time, you can drag the box down as far as you want (by letting up on the mouse when you are in the position you want).



Click on the [underlined] word back on the first page

Scroll up this page to see that you can sometimes click on [underlined] words and sometimes just scroll up and down

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