Problem Solving Assessments for Chapter 4:
The Development of the 13 Colonies


In this chapter, a number of questions are presented after brief sections of text. Following is a pdf for the questions as well as the answers. Click on either one to have it printed.

Ch. 4 Questions     Ch. 4 Answers

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  1. Most of the Colonies had a plentiful supply of natural resources. Find some examples in the chapter in which some colonists, because of their geographic location, had to find other ways of making a living, besides large scale farming.[audio]

  2. Different religious beliefs developed in the 3 regions of the 13 Colonies. For countries that have wars over different religious beliefs, what advice can we give them to avoid future wars?[audio]

  3. There are many examples of economic systems causing changes in both the physical and social environments of the 3 regions. What are some examples of the same thing in your city or state?[audio]

  4. The 3 regions of the 13 Colonies had many geographic differences. If you were to choose a location to start a colony, what characteristics would you look for to help your colony be successful?[audio]

  5. "Culture" is a particular form of civilization, especially the beliefs, customs, arts, and institutions of a society at a given time. What is your opinion of how the 13 Colonies contributed to our present culture?[audio]