People's Rights

Freedom of Religion

  • The ability to choose where to go to church, and which religion to believe.
  • Freedom of Assembly

  • The ability to meet with other people and discuss any topic you want.

  • Assembly: When people meet for a particular reason/cause.
  • Freedom to Petition

  • The ability to tell the government what you do not like and want to see changed.
  • Petition : To write a letter to the government asking for change.
  • Freedom of the Press

  • The ability to read newspapers, watch television, and listen to the radio without the government censoring the information received.
  • Freedom of Speech

  • The government cannot stop you from speaking your mind on every issue.
    Americans got their rights and freedoms: English colonists came to America wanting the same if not more rights and freedoms of their ancestors.

  • In the Middle Ages, ordinary people had no rights at all Magna Carta: Document of English political and civil liberties granted by King John in 1215.
  • Trial by jury

  • Jury rights were first won: Magna Carta said wealthy landowners could not be thrown in jail without first being tried in an open court with a jury deciding whether they were guilty or not guilty.
  • Right of representation for taxation

    The English Bill of Rights

  • English Bill of Rights: Signed in 1689
  • United States Bill of Rights: Signed in 1791 (1791-1689, 102 years)
  • Freedom of speech first won: English Bill of Rights, 1689.

  • Magna Carta: Signed 1215
  • English Bill of Rights: Signed 1689 (1689 - 1215, 474 years)
  • More men get the right to vote

    The right to freedom of religion
  • British colonists get freedom of religion by establishing colonies based on principle of religious tolerance.
  • Literacy developed in the 13 Colonies

  • The right to freedom of the press developed in the 13 Colonies. Being able to read and write is important to representative government: Voters can make good decisions about how to vote by learning important ideas and beliefs from reading and studying.
  • Problem for John Zenger: He was punished for printing the truth in his newspaper.
  • Solution to John Zenger's problem: English Bill of Rights guaranteed him a trial by jury-the colonists were not as judgmental or prejudiced.
  • The right of trial by jury made freedom of press possible.