Cliff Notes for Chapter 9:
The Rise of Political Parties


[audio] The following information was presented in this chapter:

The early years of the United States were greatly influenced by groups of people with differing views of how the country should be run. As the United States fought to gain in size and strength, citizens struggled to gain political power so that their opinions could be represented and supported by the government. For this to happen, political parties were formed.

[audio] Several factors influenced the formation of political parties:

  • The wealthy businessmen formed the Federalist Party so that they could control the government. They wanted their property protected and the economy regulated.
  • The Federalist Party (wealthy business people) put the burden of the government's debt on the ordinary people.
  • The Federalist Party kept the ordinary people from voting and being represented in elections.
  • The ordinary people formed their own Political Party so their opinions and viewpoints could be represented.
  • The Unites States went to war so that they could grow as a country by claiming ,trying to claim, Canada, Florida and the lands inhabited by the Native Americans.
  • The war resulted in the defeat of the Native Americans, the United States gaining power, the end of the Federalist Party and the formation of Democratic Party (a party of the ordinary people).
  • Native Americans were forcibly removed from their homelands and relocated to reservations.

    [audio] Important dates to remember:

  • 1788-1800 Country run by the Federalist Party, the party of wealthy business people.
  • 1800-1824 Country run by the party of the ordinary people.
  • 1812 War of 1812.
  • 1828-1840 Country run by the new party of the ordinary people.

    [audio] Who's who in this chapter:

  • Alexander Hamilton- formed the Federalist Party- the first political party.
  • Thomas Jefferson- President who organized the first party of the ordinary people.
  • Tecumseh- Native American leader who united tribes to fight the settlers for their land.
  • Andrew Jackson- President who brought about the destruction of the Native Americans and their homeland.