Sioux Chief  
Spotted Tail, Sioux Chief
[audio] The Lewis and Clark Expedition
The War of 1812

Problems before the War of 1812

Conflicts with Britain and France

  • Both France and Britain were attacking American ships.
  • American ships were being attacked because Britain and France were trying to keep the ships from trading with each other during their blockade.
  • Britain was taking American sailors.
  • Being drafted means being forced to serve in the military by the government.
  • The British navy drafted American soldiers into their navy because they thought the American soldiers were really British soldiers.
  • An embargo keeps trade with other countries from happening.
  • President Jefferson wanted an embargo so that he could keep the American ships from being attacked and keep America out of the war.

[audio] Supporting and arming the Native Americans

  • Tecumseh was the Native American leader who united tribes in the resistance of white settlers on their land.

Some Americans wanted to add Canada & Florida to the U.S.

  • Reasons the leaders of the party of the ordinary people in the west pushed for war against Britain:
    1. Britain was supplying the Native Americans who the ordinary people wanted to overthrow.
    2. The US thought they would be able to take Canada as their own and they would then have more land.

Leaders in Congress of the party of the ordinary people push for war

  • The war hawks were those people who wanted war with Britain.
  • President Madison agreed to recommend the US declare war on Britain because he wanted the support of the ordinary people for the upcoming election.
  • Britain stopped attacking American ships and taking US soldiers when it heard about the U.S.'s plan to go to war.
  • The western and southern states fought in the War of 1812. The South and West supported the War of 1812.

[audio] War with the British Continued

  • The British plan to attack the U.S in 1814 was two-fold:
    1. Blockade the American coastline to keep support from other countries.
    2. Attack the U.S. from three sides: the north through Canada, the south through New Orleans and the east from the Atlantic Ocean.
  • The British set fire to the White House as a way to get even at the Americans for setting fires to their government buildings at the beginning of the war.
  • When the British set fire to the President's house, black char was left on the building. Americans painted the house with white paint to cover the black marks and it's been called the White House ever since.
  • The National Anthem was written the night the British bombed the fort in Baltimore. The writer wrote the poem after watching bombs light up the sky over the harbor and seeing the American flag still flying. Because he was still free, he wrote the poem.

The end of the War of 1812

  • Andrew Jackson became famous after fighting off the British Army in New Orleans.