Cause and Effect

  General Lee
Union Battleship
[audio]Lincoln Assassinated
John Wilkes Booth was the assassin.

The Effects of the Civil War

  • Massive loss of life on both sides.
  • Killed most of the people during the Civil War by disease.
  • The approximate percentage of the combined Confederate and Union forces that were casualties during the Civil War was 40%.
  • 648,000 more soldiers died in the Civil War than in the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, and the Mexican War combined.
  • The effect of Sherman's total war policy was the South was destroyed.

The Effect of the Civil War on Economic Systems

  • The North's economy after the war:
    a. Strong
    b. New industries and railroads developed.
    c. The West began to develop and immigration increased in that area.

  • The South's economy after the war:
    a. Cotton industry was affected.
    b. Industry and railroads were destroyed.
    c. The South could not receive supplies because of the blockade.
    d. Economic problems such as inflation.
    e. manufacturing increased.

[audio]African-Americans and the Union Army

Runaway slaves and the Union Army

  • Contraband means a slave who escaped while the Civil War was taking place.
  • General Hunter was stopped from starting up an army regiment made up of contraband by Lincoln.
  • African Americans finally were allowed to join the Union Army because there were not enough people to help fight the war.

The Union Navy and African American Sailors

  • African Americans might have wanted to join the Union Navy instead of the Union Army in 1861 because it was unlikely that people on ships would be captured, which decreased the likelihood that an African American would be murdered or taken back to the South.
  • Bureau of Colored Troops was responsible for establishing African American army troops.
  • Many African American soldiers and their officers were killed and forced back into slavery if they were captured by the Confederate Army.

Battle of Fort Pillow, TN

  • The Battle of Fort Pillow was well known because the Confederates killed its African American captives and in return, Lincoln said he would kill the Confederate captives.

The Civil War was finally over

  • Lee surrendered for the entire Confederate Army. Later other troops began to surrender, too.