People's Rights

The new thresher saved farmers time and labor, but increased capital costs
Workers' Problems and Solutions

Workers' Problems

Low wages

  • The amount of money that person can spend on things such as housing, clothing, food, medical care, and recreation determines a person's standard of living.
  • Low wages affected workers' standard of living by not being able to rent apartments with proper plumbing or ventilation for their families.

Unsafe working conditions

  • The working conditions of many workers were dangerous. Thousands of workers were killed in industrial accidents and tens of thousands of workers were injured or became ill from their work.

The Farmers' Problems and Solutions

The Farmers' Problems

  • Two reasons why farmers received less money for their crops:
    a. Producing much more supplies by new machines.
    b. Selling crops at the same time to pay back their debts
  • Two reasons why the farmers' costs didn't decrease:
    a. Paying high rates of railroads charges.
    b. Needing to borrow money to buy seeds and machinery.
  • A mortgage is a legal document that allowed the bank to take over the farmers' property if the farmers did not pay back a loan.
  • Most of the farmers in the South by 1900 were working someone else's land and were in debt to local merchants.