Measures of Success

Four Factors of Group Success

Big business vs. Workers & Farmers

  Big Business Workers & Farmers
(B > W & F)
  • Well-organized
  • Good at cooperating with each other
  • Spreading out across the nation without cooperating
  • Hard time in getting others concerned about their problem
  • Resources
    (B > W & F)
  • Vast amount of money
  • Power to influence government to help them.
  • Support from the courts and judges
  • Very little money
  • Leadership
    (B > W & F)
  • Good at organizing and planning to defeat labor and strikes
  • Knowledge of how to use the courts to prevent laws against them
  • Leaders who were good at inspiring enthusiasm, but couldn't overcome the obstacles placed by the courts and the wealth of big business
  • Motivation
    (B > W & F)
  • Highly motivated and more motivation came from their successes
  • Desire to control over the workplace
  • Highly motivated
  • Desire to improve their standard of living