Problem Solving Assessments for Chapter 20:
The Progressive Era: 1900-1916


In this chapter, a number of questions are presented after brief sections of text. Following is a pdf for the questions as well as the answers. Click on either one to have it printed.

Ch. 20 Questions     Ch. 20 Answers

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  1. Many regulations were created to make the U.S. society better after the industrialization. Does your school have any regulations that were made for students to have better school life? If so, explain them.[audio]

  2. The progressives are the people who seek for improvement in the society in general. In your neighborhood or town, do you think people with different kinds of opinions or ideas are considered to be the progressives?[audio]

  3. As we learned from this chapter, the progressivism caused women to earn their suffrage in 1920. If you believed that people with certain racial or cultural group do not have equal rights as people from other groups in our community and wanted to change the inequality, what changes are necessary to occur? [audio]

  4. With your power as a city governor of Eugene, you used the patronage system to hire all of the workers in the city government because of your friendship not because of their ability. What problems will happen in the long run?[audio]

  5. Because some middle-class women started to have concerns about the poor mothers and children, settlement housed were founded to offer many relief services. What other similar organizations can you find that still offer relief services now?[audio]