Problem Solving Assessments for Chapter 24:
The Great Depression and the New Deal


In this chapter, a number of questions are presented after brief sections of text. Following is a pdf for the questions as well as the answers. Click on either one to have it printed.

Ch. 24 Questions     Ch. 24 Answers

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  1. Name some examples of government aid in the United States today.

  2. If Huey Long had been elected president in 1936 instead of Roosevelt, what do you think would have happened to government aid during the Great Depression? What would happen to the New Deal? What would happen to businesses?

  3. The New Deal did not directly help most African Americans. If you were President Roosevelt, how might you change the New Deal to include more African Americans?

  4. The Supreme Court declared 11 New Deal measures unconstitutional, including the Agricultural Adjustment Act and the National Industrial Recovery Act. If you were a Supreme Court justice in the 1933's, how would you vote? Do you consider these programs unconstitutional? Why or why not?

  5. Do you think the national government needs to provide money and programs to help the poor, or does this aid make people too dependent on the government? Support your answer.