Problem Solving Assessments for Chapter 25:
World War II


In this chapter, a number of questions are presented after brief sections of text. Following is a pdf for the questions as well as the answers. Click on either one to have it printed.

Ch. 25 Questions     Ch. 25 Answers

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  1. Hitler wanted to dominate Europe. How would you be effected by a group of bullies dominating your entire school/city?[audio]

  2. The invention of sonar and radar helped the Allies win the war. How have inventions positively affected your life?[audio]

  3. The NAZIs used genocide to rid Germany of Jews. When do you see forms of genocide today? (illustration)[audio]

  4. Had you been living in Germany in 1938, would you have voted Hitler and the NAZI regime into power? Why?[audio]

  5. What other examples of domination, racism, or genocide can you think of? (use past history or current events.)[audio]