University of Oregon

Training Modules


The Distributed Item Review System Introduction. (2016).
     Irvin, P. S., Farley, D., & Tindal, G.   DIR Introduction_2016


Oregon Department of Education (ODE)/ Office of Student Services (OSS) sponsored test development activities:
Oregon Assessment Frameworks (EAFs) – 2015-2016 User Guide
. Farley, D., Irvin, P. S., Jonas, S., & Tindal, G.
EAF 2015 – 16 User Guide
     1. ODE/OSS English Language Arts Essentialized Assessment Frameworks ELA_EA Frameworks_2015
     2. ODE/OSS Math Essentialized Assessment Frameworks Math_EA Frameworks_2015
     3. ODE/OSS Science Essentialized Assessment Frameworks Science_EA Frameworks_2015

Oregon Extended Item Development. (2014-2016). Farley, D., Irvin, P. S., Jonas, S., & Tindal, G.
     1. Essentialization Process
     2. OR Extended Assessment Test Blueprint_2015-­16
     3. OR Extended Assessment Development Process 2015 ORExt_Item Devt_Process_2015
     4. OR Extended Assessment Item Writer Trainings ORExt_Item Writer Training_2014
     5. OR Extended Assessment-Item Development Info. & Specifications 2014-15 ORExt_Item Devt Test Specs_2014
     6. OR Extended Assessment Item Reviews-Fall 2014 ORExtORExt_Item Reviews_Fall 2014


Concept-Based Instruction. (2002)
     Concept-Based Instruction: Science. (2002). Ketterlin-Geller, L. R., & Tindal, G.  CBI_Science_2002
     Concept-Based Instruction: Mathematics. (2002). McDonald, M., Ketterlin-Geller, L. R., & Tindal, G. CBI_Math_2002
     Concept-Based Instruction: Social Sciences. (2002). Twyman, T., Ketterlin-Geller, L. R., & Tindal, G.
     CBI_Social Studies_2002
     Concept-Based Instruction: Language Arts. (2002). Tindal, G. Alonzo, J. & Ketterlin-Geller, L. R.  CBI_Language Arts_2002


Project OUTREACH: Consulting with Teachers on Use of Student Performance Data. (2001).
Crawford, L., Anderson, L., Finzel, A., Butera, D., & Tindal, G.  TM5_Project OUTREACH_2001
Concept-Based Instruction: Second Languages. (2001).
     Bettesworth, L. R., Twyman, T., Ketterlin-Gelle, L. R. & Tindal, G. CBI_2nd Language_2001


Scoring Student Writing Using intellectual Operations: Examining Student Understanding Within Content Areas. (1995).
     Joehnk, D. E., Tindal, G., & Nolet, V.  TM12_Intellectual Operations_1995


Portfolio Assessment Using Curriculum-Based Measurement: A Model for Schools. (1993).
     Hall, T., & Tindal, G.  TM10_Curriculum Based Measures_1993
District-wide Performance Assessment Using Curriculum-based Measures. (1993).
     Tindal, G., Hall, T., & Nolet, V. TM9_District-Wide Assessment_1993
Focus on Assessment and Learning in Content Classes (1993).
     Nolet, V., Tindal, G., & Blake, G.  TM4_Content Classes_1993


Focus on Teaching and Learning in Content Classes. (1992).
     Tindal, G., Nolet, V., & Blake, G.  TM3_Content Classes_1992


Analytic Scoring of Writing. (1991). Jentzsch, C., & Tindal, G.   TM8_Analytic Scoring_1991


Evaluating Outcomes in Consultation. (1989). Hasbrouck, J.  TM7_Outcomes in Consultation_1989
Data Collection Forms Used in the Resource Consultant Training Program. (1989).
     Parker, R., Hasbrouck, J., & Tindal, G.  TM6_Resource Consultant_1989
Objective and Holistic Scoring of Writing. (1989). Hasbrouck, J.  TM2_Holistic Scoring_1989
Activity Structures Observation System. (1989). Parker, R., Hasbrouck, J., and Tindal, G.  TM1_Activity Structures_1989