Problem Solving Assessments for Chapter 21:
American Expansion and International Politics: 1870-1914


In this chapter, a number of questions are presented after brief sections of text. Following is a pdf for the questions as well as the answers. Click on either one to have it printed.

Ch. 21 Questions     Ch. 21 Answers

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  1. Nationalism was founded strongly during the U.S. expansion and used as its motivation of domination. Do you think nationalism still exists in the U.S.? Why?

  2. If there were nationalism in the U.S., what kinds of people's thought, opinions, and behaviors would show that belief?

  3. Economic reasons, military reasons, moral reasons are the three main reasons for the U.S. expansion to other nations. What do you think are the strongest reasons for missionaries to go to foreign countries to influence their religions?

  4. The similar but smaller concept of nationalism is found in many different places such as schools, sports clubs, or communities. Find at least one example of it and explain it.

  5. Imperialism is one form of domination in which the people of a strong nation dominate the people of a weak nation by making decisions about economic and political problems. If there were imperialism in your town, state how you would feel about it and how your life would be compared to your life now.